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Apex invented a safe, herbal, curly hair relaxing treatment 
acting from within, by relaxing the curly hair follicle
for a healthy hair shaft and beautiful outcomes

Our  nano-emulsion "CurlRelax™" Gel Caps
is the first-in-class oral cosmeceutical treatment 

Our invention is under United States and international (PCT) patent pending status.

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Apex NanoPharma is searching for business partners who share our vision

to modernize textured hair relaxing treatment

Philanthropist are Wellcome

Join us in our journey to manufacture and market "CurlRelax™"

and serve the Black community

It is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Hair has been a symbol of beauty and the mirror of health, especially with social media fueling women hair trends. When it comes to curly hair relaxing-treatment, the market is still using decades-old Lye and No-Lye topical formulas. Hair relaxers rely on a chemical process to break down hair shaft bonds, and alter its structure. These harsh chemicals leave the hair dry, frizzy, and susceptible to breakage. Other side effects include thinning and hair loss, scalp burn, and the association with uterine cancer.

Further, the keratin hair smoothing products, e.g., Brazilian Blowout, contain formaldehyde with many health risks. Some of them are banned in the E.U. and Canada (Ref 1). To address these problems, gentler alternatives have been developed including texturizers and Phyto relaxers.

In spite of these innovations, a “texture gap” is still out there!

The Texture Gap report (2023), a data-driven profile of Type 4 textured hair, reported that 60% of Type 4 consumers, with coily hair, have multiple concerns. They struggle to find suitable routines for the basics. "Despite the growing calls for inclusivity in the beauty industry, Mintel reports that 95% of black women would consider switching from their current brand, highlighting the level of dissatisfaction that still exist." with a high level of dissatisfaction (Ref 2).

The current market is stuck with the old trends that are not serving customer needs anymore! There is plenty of room for new players in an industry that has failed to evolve with time to serve its most valuable customers (Ref 3).


We are bridging the texture gap; opening a new market;

& pioneering textured hair science & art!

Apex NanoPharma's invention is bridging the gap of textured hair relaxing treatment and is a game changer! we run our own race to achieve a dream! Our first strategic move was to shift the treatment target from the hair shaft to the hair root. Our second, was to develop a solution within the field cosmeceuticals rather than the consumer care market. And our third, was to administer the hair relaxing treatment by mouth, rather than topical route, so that it reaches hundreds of thousands of hair follicles from the inside.

Our 30 years journey started with a "sparkle of light," meaning shine a light into our understanding of a target that can lead to drug discovery.


Taking curly hair relaxing treatment to the next level of safety and beauty: Inventing "CurlRelax™"

Our story began 30 years ago where Dr. Al Jasim, a medical doctor and immunologist, started her research. She is a curious, persistent entrepreneur and researcher that achieved multiple enchained discoveries, scientific hypotheses, multiple granted patents in the fields of cosmetic medical devices and therapeutics. This scientific endeavor sets the stage for our hair relaxing invention HairelaxRx and creates a scientific field that no one has ever thought of. We are pioneering textured hair relaxing inventions.

The figure demonstrates "CurlRelax™" invention cornerstones: A scientific hypothesis (will be published soon); the first-in-class uni-sourced nano-emulsion product and its manufacturing process; and the U.S. and International patent applications with lasting benefits to the company .


Our patent application underwent a comprehensive international examination, and the written opinion of patentability was given: the claims are novel, inventive, and industrially applicable.

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Ref 1- What’s the Deal with Keratin Treatment? National Center for Health Research, The Voice of Prevention, Treatment and Policy. Last visited in December 2023.,that%20releases%20formaldehyde%20when%20heated.

Ref 2- Winnie Awa. The texture Gap. A White Paper by Carra Labs (2023). Founder and CEO of Carra. 

Ref 3- Stephanie LaFlora. Hair relaxers: the history, the controversy and recent innovation. January 21, 2023.

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