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The Company

Apex NanoPharma invention "CurlRelax™" is opening a new market,
expanding the scientific horizon and treatment options
for curly and kinky hair

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Apex NanoPharma is a women-owned, private, pre-seed startup cosmeceutical company, conducting drug research and development. Apex NanoPharma was founded by Dr. Al Jasim to hold the patent application. Working from our garage, we invented the first-in-class drug that targets the hair follicle to relax textured hair, as opposed to chemical relaxers applied topically to the hair shaft. Our invention is a plant-based, safe, nano-formulation for oral administration, and is patent pending in the United States and internationally (PCT).

Apex NanoPharma is held by the parent company Apex Medical Device Design LLC. (Apex), incorporated in Delaware in 2016. We moved recently from Washington to Ohio.

Apex Mission & Vision

Our mission is to develop an effective oral nano-drug that relaxes coily and kinky hair by acting on the root  that preserves the customer's natural beauty, and simplifies daily routine. The invention is safe and overcomes the side effects of hair thinning, dryness, and scalp chemical irritation.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading R&D-based pharmaceutical company in the Black hair-care research market, at the forefront of innovation for patients with unmet cosmeceutical needs. We are committed to be a change maker in this market offerings.

Our business model is to develop the invention based on in-house talents; patent our invention; and further develop the product by business partnership; with the goal to commercialize "CurlRelax™" Gel Caps as the first-in-class nano-pharmaceutical product that optimize coily hair relaxing outcomes and improve customer’s safety quality of life. 

Climbing the Stairs to the Top

Our 30 years journey started with a spark of light!

Meet Our inventors

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Since 1993, we have been researching, inventing and patenting nano-drugs for the cosmetic market, medical devices for aesthetic surgery, and immune-modulating therapy for many diseases.

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Apex founder and CEO is Dr. Nedaa Al Jasim, MD, is an inventor who pushes the boundaries of science at multiple fronts to invent novel therapeutics including immune-modulators, botanical nano-emulsion for textured hair relaxation, Defygravity breast implant medical device, and others. Dr. Al Jasim is a medical doctor with 40 years of experience in family medicine and immunology. Dr. Al Jasim has 30 years of experience in drug discovery and development in small privately-owned, R&D-based pharma companies in the Middle East. Dr. Al Jasim was the first prize winner in the Executive Entrepreneur Certificate from the Carnegie Mellon University located at Qatar Foundation.

Noor Ahmed, is a newly minted co-inventor, and a chemical engineer graduated from University of Washington.

Hayfa Nasif, MD., is a medical doctor and a company partner.

Apex Medical Device Design and Apex NanoPharma are pre-seed companies.

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