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"CurlRelax™" Gel Caps, 
Apex Nanopharma first-in-class Unique Invention

Apex Nanodrug Relaxes Coily Hair From the Roots
Our Invention is Based on Three Scientific Cornerstones


Our patent application has been filed in the United States and as a PCT has been subjected to International Search and Examination during 2023. The examination report concluded that our claims are novel, inventive and industrially applicable. This patent application is moving to the National Phase in different countries.


The intellectual properties are the key asset of Apex Nanopharma Company. A trade name HairelaxRx, or other trade names will be registered later.

 1. Apex scientific hypothesis with treatment implication:

The hyperactive Arrector Pili muscle hypothesis


The research started with a basic question: Why do some hair shafts Curl? Is there a link between the immune system and hair types?

The correlation of the immune cells that are resident in the skin; their soluble mediators; and hair follicle curling and dissymmetry sparkles during 2021. Dr. Al Jasim started digging deep into the root causes that might shape the shaft of the coily hair, and her answer was that the arrector pili muscle (APM) is shortened and contracted; exerting mechanical effect on the hair follicle under the influence of an influx of immune cell during the hair growth phase (anagen).

Dr. Al JASIM strongly believes that the golf-shape of the hair follicle is a consequence of  being pulled up by the shortened APM in the curly/coily hair follicle.

According to our hypothesis, and as demonstrated in the figure, a curly/coily hair follicle is pulled up towards the dermis by the shortened APM (white arrow) resulting in mechanical stress on the follicle structure.  Contracted APM corrugates and curls its site of attachment to the root sheath that embraces the young hair shaft. The site of the muscle attachment is critical during the formation and alignment of the keratin microfibrils. At this location, the keratin  is soft, and the hair shaft is being shaped.

APM is a smooth muscle that acts spontaneously, similar to smooth muscles of the airways and blood vessels. Its fibers are a few millimeters long, and the whole hair follicle is 3-5 millimeters long.


The hair follicle stress is manifested by:

  • Irregular hair follicle outer sheet that gives the hair its coily texture;

  • Pressure on the sebaceous glands resulting in dry hair;

  • Pulling on the blood vessel resulting in poor blood supply and hair thinning;

  • Small acute angle formed between the hair follicle and the epidermis (orange arrow), producing the golf club appearance.

Hair Hypothesis OK1.png

In conclusion: if we "selectively" relax the APM muscle, then the coily hair shaft will spontaneously relax!  

 2. Inventing a solution:

Apex botanical lipid-based nanodrug formulation

Accordingly, Dr. Al Jasim had selected a flowering medicinal herb known for its cosmetic uses since the time of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. This herb has also been researched for its relaxing effect on smooth muscle. This herb is safe for human use according to the Code of Referral Regulations (Ref. 1).

Our novel nano-emulsion is composed of a bioactive pharmaceutical ingredient that is carried, protected and delivered to the site of action by a drug lipid-based nano-carrier (nano-emulsion). 

As demonstrated in the figure, each nano-emulsion particle is composed of an oil phase that is intimately dispersed inside the water phase in the presence of a surfactant. 

The nano-drug have a core and shell structure:

•The core is composed of volatile oil in which the bioactive drug is uploaded. 

•The shell is composed of numerous molecules including surfactants (like phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids, Palmitic and Stearic fatty acids), co-surfactants, co-solvents, and saponins.

Our invention is described as the "uni-sourced" nanoemulsion, i.e., the bioactive, volatile oil, surfactant and co-surfactants are totally sourced from a single plant source.

nano particle lt gray.png

 3. A process and product in a "Patent Pending" status

Apex invention consists of a nanoemulsion and liposomes with a process of manufacturing thereof.

The invention is under a “patent pending” status. The patent application has been filed by the company patent attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and in other countries of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This will protect Apex market monopoly for 20 years.

Recently, the patent application has been subjected to examination at the USPTO, the International Search Report and Written Opinion indicated that our claims are novel, inventive, and have industrial applicability.  

Apex Nanopharma is planning to develop our "CurlRelax™" Gel Caps, a patent-pending, first-in-class nanoemulsion to relax textured hair through business partnership. 

4 Nanopharma Patent Pending cropped.png

Advantages of "CurlRelax™" Gel Caps

This is a unique product, and a dream come true! The major benefit of this invention to the Black community is that it is designed to:

  1. Driving for less chemical damage to the hair shaft

  2. Simplifies the daily hair care routine

  3. Will be a lifestyle and wellness improving invention

  4. Plant-based product that is very safe

  5. The nano-emulsion is taken orally 

  6. Can be taken by both women and men


1- Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR182.10). Part 182 – Substances Generally Recognized as Safe. Subpart A – General Provisions, Sec. 182.10 Spices and other natural seasoning and flavoring. 

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